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Topic: "I need voting permissions"

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I seem to have lost my voting privileges again.

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  • Westy543

    Hmmm glitch in the booru software we'll look into it, along with your upload limit being greater than 0.

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  • henke37

    Maybe you should adjust the formula instead of manually hacking my account? I earned that score fair and square. If you don't like the score then you should change the scoring rules.

    Besides, it's been ages since I did something truly bad. And never out of malice. I think I have served my time. It's easily been over a year.

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  • Westy543

    It's not something I can fix, I've asked cosmo to look into it. Nothing's been "hacked" with your account, I haven't touched it. If you'll recall this is what we did to get around banning you. You also don't get to make the call on who can post and who can't.

    E: In any event you should be able to vote again.

    Updated by Westy543

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