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Topic: Official Bronibooru Tag Policy



3/14/13: Swapped out outdated "butterball" exception for big_mclargehuge exception, explicitly added books and Gameloft to the canonicity ladder, and made other minor cleanups

3/30/13: Removed "mrs_sparkle" and "colgate" exceptions (finally) and added commentary on "fleur_dis_lee"

6/13/13: Expanded the "sweetie_drops" example as it's now an extreme example thanks to Sweetie Drops trumping Bon Bon twice over. Also expanded the canonicity ladder to differentiate blind bags from normal toys and added Enterplay, the comics (should it come up), and the Elements of Harmony book.

2/6/14: Should have added "vinyl_scratch" as an exception a while ago. Also, big_mclargehuge has a real name now, so he's been removed as an exception.

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